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Divorcing a Narcissist? How to Protect Yourself and Your Family

When you finally realize that your most trusted partner is a narcissist inflicting emotional abuse on you and your children, how do you escape safely? Divorcing a narcissist isn’t always easy, but you don’t have to go through it alone.

Colorado divorce attorney April D. Jones and the lead attorneys at Jones Law Firm, P.C. describe the path from identifying her spouse as a narcissist to finding the right divorce attorney to represent you in your divorce process. divorce. Read on to learn more about how to safely divorce a narcissist.

How do you know if you are married to a narcissist?
You do not need a formal diagnosis to determine if your spouse has narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). Instead, know that the American Psychiatric Association defines a narcissist as someone who has at least five of these traits:

Has an exaggerated sense of self-importance (entitlement, self-centeredness, exaggerated achievement)
Has an exaggerated sense of self-importance (entitlement, self-centeredness, exaggerated achievement)
Preoccupied with fantasies of power, success, intelligence, or beauty
You think your talents are only recognizable to people with similar talents
Seek constant external validation
He has expectations of favorable treatment.
He takes advantage of others to satisfy his needs.
Lacks empathy to recognize or understand the feelings of others.
Acts envious of others and paranoid of others’ perceived envy of them.
Shows arrogance or grandiosity
How are divorce proceedings different when divorcing a narcissist?
Many couples are able to divorce amicably or are willing to work out their problems to agree on the terms of their divorce. However, your narcissistic spouse will probably use all the tricks he used during your marriage during the divorce proceedings, including:

Question your mental health
Trying to make friends and family believe that the divorce is your fault
Lying to your children about you and the divorce.
Hide income and assets during discovery
Trying to exert control with threats, degradation, and emotional abuse.
The court can order the divorcing parties to attend mediation and use civil communication software, which filters out abusive language in messages while storing a copy of the original message. You may also need to file a civil protection order (restraining order) to protect yourself and your children from improper contact with your narcissistic spouse.

When divorcing a narcissist, seek out a divorce attorney with a reputable family law firm to help you build a strong case for your divorce, child custody, child support, and spousal support (alimony). .

Can a Divorce Lawyer Help Protect Your Family When Divorcing a Narcissist?
Your experienced divorce lawyer has seen hundreds of dissolutions of marriages. They know firsthand the steps needed to protect you and your children when divorcing a potentially manipulative, deceitful, abusive, controlling, and arrogant spouse.

Your divorce lawyer can help you take the essential steps to file for divorce, separate your finances from your spouse’s, and move on with your life after divorce.