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The Best Criminal Defense Lawyer in Hempstead

you need someone on your side

Whether you have been charged with a crime you are guilty of or believe you have become the victim of overzealous police officers or misunderstood encounters with others, it is important to understand how best to handle a criminal defense. This is certainly something you do not want to tackle on your own without the help of a lawyer. Go to court in Hempstead with someone by your side who has your best interests at heart and can fight for you to have the most positive outcome possible.

A change of mind

While many people charged with a crime turn to a public defender for the advice and representation they need, these attorneys often approach their case with their guilt in mind. It’s not often that you find a public defender arguing a case of innocence or dismissal; instead, these attorneys often only request that a plea agreement be entered into to offer you a reduced sentence for the charges you face. This will not do you any good if you know you are not guilty of what you are charged with or if the charges are extremely serious in nature.

belief in justice

In order to have a prior criminal defense that is fair, gives you a voice, and can result in the result you are seeking, you first need an attorney who sees you as innocent. Too often, your guilt is determined before you go to court because the lawyer representing you does not believe that justice is blind or that a person is innocent until proven guilty. At Monteleone & Siegel PLLC, you’ll enjoy a different approach to your defense. This team will be by your side on the Hempstead court to give you a fighting chance.

Building your defense

It is important that your side of the story is told when you are charged with a crime. Even if your version shows that you are indeed guilty, having your thinking understood and the reasons you felt being presented could lead to a sentence that is more lenient than if you were unable to share your story in court. When you hire the right attorney to represent you, you will have the benefit of having your voice heard in court when it is time to stand before the judge and present your case for consideration.

an equal opportunity

All you can ask for is the same opportunity to be heard, understood and represented when you are in front of a judge. This means having a criminal defense attorney who also believes in your innocence. Let the team at Monteleone & Siegel PLLC present your case and prove that you are not guilty of the crimes you are accused of. This team will support you in the Hempstead courtroom and fight to achieve the most positive outcome for you. Don’t trust your fate to the public defender, let a team that believes in you defend you in court.