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Tips for Dealing with Insurance Companies in a Personal Injury Case

Tips for Dealing with Insurance Companies in an Injury Case

Filing a personal injury claim with an insurance company after a car accident can be a stressful process. Exploring what this looks like and tips for filing a personal injury claim may help simplify this process. Be wary of insurance company tactics to deny your claim or lower compensation. An experienced Wilmington car accident lawyer can work with you to navigate through these tactics.


Knowing how insurance companies investigate accident claims may help you avoid common mistakes when filing a claim. Auto insurance companies focus on determining whether your personal injury claim is true or false. This means looking for evidence for and against your claim, along with any contradictions.

This process starts with requesting information from you about what happened. Car accident details, physical evidence, documents, and information from the other driver will be collected. The claims adjuster assigned to your claim will compare details and evidence to look for contradictions.

Avoid the mistake of accepting whatever conclusion your claims adjuster comes to. Whether your claims adjuster denies your claim or offers a settlement, be wary about accepting the first offer. You have the option to negotiate and take legal steps for a better outcome.

Be wary about social media during the claims process. Insurance agents will look at what you post and can use this against your claim if contradictions arise. Switching your social media to private can fix this.

Consider contacting a Wilmington personal injury lawyer before talking to the insurance company. Some insurance companies will deceive you into signing unfair deals that restrict access to compensation. Other insurance companies may attempt to confuse you into accepting less compensation than you need.


The following personal injury claim tips can help you improve your chances of receiving the compensation you need. First, never admit or imply fault for the accident. Your words can be used against you. Apologizing for the accident may lead to denied compensation because guilt implies fault.

Collect as much evidence as you can in the form of documentation and photos. Write down accident details and witness names. Consult with a lawyer about other steps you can take to improve your personal injury claim.

Respond to and provide the requested information to the insurance company. You may want to consult with a lawyer if you have questions or concerns. Avoid signing contracts unless you fully understand them. Have a lawyer look over the contract when you have doubts.

You do not have to agree with the insurance company. Legal options include negotiations with the insurance company for a settlement and filing a lawsuit. Going to trial may take longer but could maximize your personal injury compensation.