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What to Do After a Car Accident

What to Do After a Car Accident in Delaware

Posted by Delaware Legal News  in Blog Car accidents can be chaotic, confusing, and stressful, and knowing what to do after a car accident is not always easy. However, there are certain universal car accident steps that might help you take better control of the situation.

Legal steps are important when you want to protect yourself financially after a major accident. Reach out to a Wilmington accident lawyer for more information.


The first car accident steps are some of the most important steps after a car accident. These revolve around your safety and the safety of others. One of the first things to do after an accident is to become aware of yourself and your surroundings. Assess yourself for injuries and cautiously move away from hazards like fire, smoke, or oncoming traffic.

Call 911 as soon as feasible if you or anyone else was injured or severe property damages are present. Paramedics will be able to assess you for undetectable injuries. Police will be able to provide you with a copy of the police report for a car accident claim. Medical records and a police report are vital records for car accident claims.

Move your vehicle away from oncoming traffic, if possible, along with anything else that could obstruct traffic. Be careful about what you say to people at the accident scene. Your words can be used against you. Any statements that imply guilt or apology could prevent you from obtaining compensation for the car accident damages you suffered.

Consiter contacting your auto insurance company to start the car accident claim process. Your auto insurance company might be able to help you select a towing service or auto repair shop covered by their policies. Consider contacting a lawyer when you have legal questions. A lawyer can help you explore your legal options.


Taking legal action after a car accident can help you obtain significant compensation for any injuries or other damages you suffered. This involves filing a car accident claim with the auto insurance company. To maximize your chances, collect as much car accident evidence as possible like:

Photos of injuries and vehicle damages

Written details about the car accident

Police report

Medical records

Receipts or bill statements for car repairs and medical costs

Witness names and statements

Consult with a lawyer if your initial car accident claim was denied or you were offered less compensation than you need. A lawyer can help you negotiate a better deal. Sometimes the auto insurance company will offer a settlement.